Fraunces Tavern

About us

Est. 1762 

New York’s oldest and most historic bar and restaurant, Fraunces Tavern® is a National Landmark building that once served as a watering hole for many of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.

This building is most famous as the site where, on December 4, 1783, George Washington gathered a group of his officers, nine days after the last of the British troops left American soil, to thank them for their service and bid them an emotional farewell before returning home. The only first-hand account of the Farewell comes from The Memoirs of Colonel Benjamin Tallmadge, which Fraunces Tavern Museum has on display. Fraunces Tavern® Museum is the only Museum in New York City that allows visitors to discover the American Revolutionary past in NYC’s oldest standing structure.

A tavern older than the country itself, Fraunces acted as the headquarters for George Washington, as a watering hole for many of the Founding Fathers, and today, as a testament to it all. So brush up on New York’s revolutionary past, with a pint and chicken pot pie — it was Washington’s favorite after all.