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First things first.
We are passionate about beer.

In 1989 Liam LaHart and Oliver Hughes opened the first Porterhouse, with a prime focus on great beer, not just their own! They imported beers from around the world with a focus on the incredible beers from Belgium

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1996 – The Temple Bar Opens

Irelands first brew pub opens, something new and pioneering. It was a nervous time as it always is being the first to do something, especially in a culture dominated by the large global drinks companies.

It was a big risk but sometimes big risks pay off!

The Expansion of the Porterhouse Group

In 1999 Porterhouse Covent Garden opens along with the Porterhouse in Dublin, followed by Lillie’s Bordello and Porterhouse Central on Nassau Street, Dublin.

Not being content with Ireland the group expanded into the wonders of New York City with the now famous Fraunces Tavern, in the wonderful historical building with some of the richest history in the city. With a museum on the top floor showcasing George Washington, who visited to celebrate the American Revolution – it is an experience not to be missed!

And of course the rich history is only matched by the wide arrange of beers and whiskeys on offer, with the Porterhouse Ales being imported directly form Ireland!

Experience the Porterhouse New York for yourself!

Nothing is better than trying something for yourself, so come and visit Fraunces Tavern to experience the best that the Porterhouse Brewing Co has to offer. Including our Award winning Plain Porter (Gold medal winner at the International Brewing Industry Award) and a range of the best drink and food the city has to offer.

We would be delighted if you take the time to visit one of our fine establishments and maybe just keep in contact..

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