Summer Events

JUNE & JULY: Hi folks, we hope that everyone is having a great start to the summer. We’ve got some events coming up that we’re pretty excited about here. Firstly, June will be mostly made up of our coverage of The EURO 2016 Soccer Championships

Events Coming to Fraunces Tavern

We have a big couple of months coming up at Fraunces Tavern, starting with next Friday the 27th when we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Porterhouse Brewing Company by hosting a Social Media Day. This means that if you interact with us on

Independence Bar

The Tavernis the heart of Fraunces Tavern, spacious, atmospheric and home to a sensational selection of beers from home and abroad. The The Tavern’s Happy Hour is now legendary and it’s also a favourite venue for the best in Irish traditional

Bourbon Lounge

The Bourbon lounge is a true oasis and a favourite refuge to folks who want to withdraw a little from the busy and notoriously sociable bar scene downstairs. Located on the second floor, it’s a place for relaxation, conversation or just lounging on

Wine Room

The most private of our rooms,  this is a cosy and intimate venue that can accommodate up to 14 people high-top table for dining or meetings, and as many as 25 standing. The wine theme is evident in the cabinet displays of special vintages. -

The Bissell Room

The largest restaurant area in the building is dominated by a mural of New York  in 1717  painted in the 1980s and can accommodate 90 people or as many as 120 standing. With a beer hall atmosphere but elegantly furnished, the 18th

The Dingle Whiskey Bar

  Named in honor of the picturesque town of Dingle in County Kerry, Ireland. The Dingle Whiskey bar is our most intimate room in the restaurant. There are eight oversized leather chairs placed by a roaring fire and a booth on either side of the

Lafayette’s Hideout

With four large screens and plenty of great beers on tap, Lafayette’s Hideout, at the back of the building, is sports central! It also has its own entrance off Water Street for those don ‘t want to be distracted from getting to see the game. -

Washington Room

Named in honour of one of our early patrons, the Washington Room is luxuriously appointed with a vast and elegant table, crystal chandeliers and an antique fireplace. With a real sense of history, it can accommodate up to 24 people for conferences